Get notified of changes in Google files and folders

Work with slack and Google Chat

Simple way to stay up to date of changes made in your Google Drive files

Integrated with

Work with your apps

onleenotification is a Google Workspace add-on that will integrate with your Google Application. You can create and manage your notification from :

  • Google Drive

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Docs

  • Google Slides

Create daily or hourly notification to keep track of changes and use our advanced features (paid plan) to track file name change or informed editors and readers of changes.

Receive email notification when your files are edited in 2 clics !

Confirm access to the file

onleenotificaiton have access to only the file you select, no access to your entire Google Drive.

Select frequence and options

Select if you want to receive notification daily or each hour. For daily notification you can select if you want to get notified the morning or after lunch.

Folders and sub folders (n-1) notifications

Get notified of changes in your Google Drive folders

You can mopnitor folders with onleenotifications but also sub folders just under the folder monitored, level 1 subfolders.

This is also compatible with Slack and Google Chat notifications.

Advanced options

Notify your colleagues

Notify people that have access to the Google Sheets or Google Docs when change are done.

Select to notify Editors and/or Readers/Commentators.

Track file name change

Editors of your file can also change the title, so with our file name change tracking you can be alerted if a file name is changed.

Work with Shared Drive

Google Workspace users you can track change of file in shared Drive with our paid version.

Google Chat (webhook) integration

Receive notification in a Google Chat Space

Receive onleenotification alert in a Google Space and notify all your colleagues about a new modification and exchange about the change in the reply of the chat message.

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Google Workspace domains

Save time with notifications

onleenotification will allow your Google Workspace users to get notifications whne change are made, no need to keep track inside the document and save time inyour daily work with instant notifications.


Work with Drive, Sheets, Docs and Slides

Daily/hourly notifications

Number of files

Folder monitoring

Work with Shared Drive

Notify editors, readers,...

File rename alert

Slack integration

Google Chat integration







Personnal license





Domain license


domain users

(1) If you want to order multiple licences, send us an email.

(2) Lifetime, is unlimited license for the account, not transferable license.