Google Chat Integration

Send Google Drive notification to a Google Chat Space (paid version)

Important : You need to create a webhook from Google Chat, this feature is only available to Google Workspace client, users can't create webhook.

Create Google Chat webhook

  1. Go to your Google Chat Space and click the â›› on the right of the Space name, then click "Manage webhooks".

2. A window appears :

Enter a name : onleenotification

For the avatar you can let the field blank or use the icon below. You have to download the image first, see at the end of this page.

3. Click the "Save" button when setup is ok, the url of your webhook appears, Copy it.

Setup the webhook in onleenotification

  1. Go back to onleenotification for the file or folder you want to send notification to the Google Chat Space.

  1. In the onleenotification sidebar go to the bottom and open the "Webhooks option" section, click the "arrow".

Once elapsed your have 2 options.

# Send email : If you set up a webhook you can decide to no longer send email notifications.

# Webhook url : Copy/Paste the url you get above. Must be a valid Google Chat url.

  1. Click on "Update" or "Create"

It's done, change notification wil be now sent to your Google Space.

The result, notification sent

Google Drive edit notification sent to a Google Space.

Icon onleenotification 128x128

Download this icon if needed.