Slack Integration

Send Google Drive notification to Slack (paid plan)


! We assume you already installed onleenotification add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace, link.

1. Go to Google Drive.

2. Select the file or the folder you want to monitor and open onleenotification.

3.The first time you need to grant access to your Slack account to the onleenotification add-on.

a. Expend section "Slack & Google Chat integration"

b. Click "Connect Slack" and follow steps.

4. Now onleenotification is added to you Slack space

5. You need know to add onleenotificaiton to a Channel. For that go to the desired channel and click the channel name

Click Channel name

Then tab Integration

Click button Add an application

6. On the page click the button to add the application onleenotification.

7. Open the add-on again, the channel will be displayed in the drop down.

Example of notification received in Slack